Thursday, September 10, 2009

Foh San dimsum, Ipoh

What do a group of trigger happy and waisek people get together do best ??? Food trip of course and eat and shoot at the same time !!! Thanks to Bunny who took the trouble to organize this trip and dont mind us being lamp post when she follow her hunny back to Ipoh....

First stop was the legendary Foh San. Reputably to be the best and most written Dim Sum restaurant in Malaysia, IMHO this place is over rated. We left KL at 530am , breaking the national speed limit all the way ...just to be here at 7am , just in time for dimsum !

The ever famous Foh San dim sum is a famous haunt by tourists for some scrumptious and variety of dim sum. It is so famous that it had become a landmark for outstation people, But if you ask any Ipoh people, they will recommend Ming Court or Yoke Fook Moon instead of Foh San. But now at its new premise it has lost its majestic old charm.

I miss the good old days where you need to stand beside the tables waiting for them to vacate it and rush n fight for the freshly steamed dimsum straight from the trolley. Also I miss the atmosphere where you can see some old folks bring their birds just like you see in the old Hong Kong movies.

New airy place..but lost its old charm of an old tea house

Harkow....this is really good.Just plain fresh prawn wraped in the translucent skin....

Fried carrot cake. Just nicely fried with the right amount of oil .

Siew Mai , the traditional way with crab roe on top.

Char Siew Bao !!! Nicely flavoured, and not as sweet as the ones in KL. Loves the bun though..

Whats this ?? Anyway its Century egg with minced pork and fresh prawn pattie. 5 *

One happy Charborkia

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