Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heng Kee Claypot chicken rice,Kampar

Kampar, a small town about 30 minutes away from Ipoh boast tons and tons of good food . Kaya puff, fish ball, char yuen, curry chicken bread , ham kok chai just to name a few... and Claypot Chicken rice ! Something ought to be special here, that food lovers travelling towards north would take the trouble to drive here ( no toll exit ) just to have this charcoal cooked claypot rice.

A good claypot chicken rice need to be cooked under raving hot charcoal fired pits. As a result it produces an aroma and crust that gas stove cant mimick.

First hot water is poured over rice and left to cook for about 5 minutes.

Then chinese sausage is added first followed by the marinated chicken pieces and the mist have mui-heung salted fish is then added and left to cook.

In the end the pre mixed secret sauce is added with a dash or Xiao Hsing chinese cooking wine and topped with green onions and given a good mix around to blend all in.

What makes a charcoal fired claypot chicken rice is this......FAN CHIU,or rice crust.

Location : WIng Look Yuen , Jalan Idris , Kampar. Directly opposite Pizza Hut.


  1. salute you guys for eating the fan chiu~ tasty yes but i daren't eat that amount of charred stuff.