Sunday, September 13, 2009

Prawns Prawns @ Tanjung Tualang !

Look at the size !!! Giant XL fresh river prawns aka TAI TAU HAR .

After lepakking at Jetfynn's studio to escape the afternoon heat...we hopped down to Tanjung Tualang for a round of cholesterol laden prawns ! Better knows as udang galah to the locals, this giant river prawns are found in abundance here and its much fresher and cheaper than in KL ! Almost every restaurant in this sleepy old town serves this local delicacies and drawing food connesieur from near and afar . And Sun Mee Foong, is our choice( as its been my choice always !!) Click here for my earlier post.

Restaurants would proudly display their catch outside in the aquarium

The larger XL sized prawns ( RM75/kg ) yields about 4 heads per kg is done SI YAU WONG style. Which the prawns is first fried and later tossed in premium soya sauce with some caramel.The flesh is firm and fresh but its rather too rough to enjoy due to the size.

The medium sized ones ( RM55/kg,about 17-20/perkg) is a better bet. Its steamed with some egg white and Xiao Hsing wine to bring out the natural sweetness of the prawns. The prawns is fresh and firm to the bite with fine delicate meat. Freshly blended chilli sauce flavoured with fresh lime , garlic and ginger is offered, but believe me, I would rather skip that as it masked the freshness of the sauce.

Tanjung Tualang is accesible from :-

1) If you are coming from Ipoh direction , take Batu Gajah road and Tanjung Tualang is about 15 minutes away from Batu Gajah

2) If coming from KL directionusing PLUS highway , exit at Tapah and follow Kampar/Ipoh direction. Just before reaching Kampar town , look out for out for a left turn written Teluk Intan . Turn right and look out for TRONOH MINES and turn right . This route would take you thru a scenic lake and plantations and you would come to Kg Timah. At the end of the road, turn right again, DRive for another 5km till you reach a sharp 90degree right turn've reached !!!

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