Monday, August 31, 2009

Canton -i

Hong Kong cuisine is often taunted as the true cantonese cuisine with huge followings worldwide. Hence Canton-i is born, wholy owned by Dragon-i , this outlet serves great Cantonese cookings. They take high pride in quality and even the noodles are all imported from wherelse other than Hong Kong !

Roast is one of Dragon-i signature dish

For a good bowl of Wanton Noodle, the noodles must possess egg fragrance and feel smooth and brickle and the colour of the noodle must also be bright. The stuffing should be fresh and the meat clearly phased. The soup must be aromatic and yet clear.

Align CenterFish porridge with fried intestine. Muddy taste spoils the otherwise good porridge

Flower tea

Braised beef tebdon with radish. Yummy !! My Favoutite
Ham Tan sou...

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