Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kedai Biscuit Ching Hang Guan

Next was a trip to and old traditional biscuit shop that Bunny raved so much about....Let the picture do the talkings....... an old dying trade. Its been around for the past 60 over years.....

Looks just like Tau Sar Pneah from the outside..but its lotus and chicken floss inside.

The sifu seems unfazed by our presense and continue doing his handmade mooncakes

The wooden mould

The finished mini mooncakes. No eggs were used i this hence the unfamiliar cracklings .

I like this pandan lotus paste filling more than the yam ones.

The friendly owner, who let us roam freely in his shop shooting away...

Chu Chai Peng...cute little piggie biscuits..been ages since I seen one.

145, Jalan Sultan Iskandar,Ipoh Tel : 05-254 5126

PS : Landmark is of course near Foh San...its just a street or 2 away !

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