Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lemon Garden , Shangrilla Hotel KL

Lunch at Lemon Garden, Shangrilla KL

After hearing so much about their buffet lunch, I finally had a chance to drop by here for lunch last week. It has a good selection of cold starters like oysters, prawns, mussels and sashimi . But I found the sashimi a tad too thick on the cut, as I prefer it thinner.

What I like is the way they present the food, its a break from the norm. You should go there and experience yourself. Also the management should be given a apraise for making it out vey has a chinese, malay and western selection , each tucked away in its own corner....good for lazy man like me...

Interesting way of presenting food....

East meet West...noodle war !!!!! Oriental noodles stall also freshly cooked pasta's

.deserts serve in spoons...very convenient !!!

Chocolate Pizza anyone ??? Kinda weird...........

Chocolate fountain !!!!!!!

with marshmellow, grapes, strawberries and even kuih bahulu look alike !!

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