Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Royal China Restaurant Dimsum

As a part of the Tai Thong Group, it really has to holdup to the challenge as one of the premier Chinese restaurant in Malaysia. And dimsum is one of the food which really puts the chef to the test of his creativity, taste matching and his artistic part of his culinary skills. A chinese restaurant worth his salt usually put this dimsum high on its priority list of culinary experience.

Pheonix Claws aka Chicken Feet
Tofu with seafood
Steam pork ribs
Egg tarts !!!
Whats better way to enjoy dimsum with a goodcup of tea ???
Fried radish cake. Slightly spicy for my liking
Woo Kok , fried mashed yam with pork fillings

SIew mai...is a must for a good dimsum experience
Har Kow... fresh prawn is a must here.No way you can hide the unfreshness of your prawns here
Char Siew Pow.... whats dimsum without this ???

Steam fried foo chok roll.

Royal China Restaurant
Lot 26, 174-176A, Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan 50450 -

Tel : 03-2161-9188

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Duck King @ Jaya One

Sign of approval by Hong Kong god of eatery, Choi Lan

Duck King, already a household name in Indonesia, flew into Malaysia and set the culinary scene on fire since Feb 2009 . Located at Jaya One, a new concept commercial and retail centre in Section 13 of Petaling Jaya, Duck King appears to have found a firm following amongst the office crowd and families from the surrounding residential area. On this weekend occasion, the dining room was packed with large groups enjoying a long, relaxing lunch.

As the name suggests, they are particularly proud of their various preparations of the esteemed water bird. Many will argue long and hard over which restaurant produces the better duck, but few will be able to match Duck King’s . Hence, there was only one choice to make; how many duck dishes could you try? To satisfy our curiosity we opted for 3 types of roast for a starter. This 3 particular roast would reflect a restaurants roasting skill to thee max....

Roasting, of course, is the most familiar and Duck King holds up it’s own. The meat was tender and the skin a beautiful caramelised brown. Five-spice flavour was more noticeable than most other versions but not overpoweringly so.

However the charsiew is doesnt score with me , as its just too lean. IMHO , Meng Kee's charsiew beats this one hands down !
Everyones favourite !! Siu Yoke crispy with melt in your mouth 3 chang bak.

Tofu with mushroom. Her favourite..coz got mushroom mar...

Steam mince meat with mui heung salted fish. Leave it for a while forst to set before eating. great with the wonderful porridge !

Bak Choy with 3 varties egg. Yummy coz I love century egg

Fried ell...not so nice. Would be better if the ell is stir fried. The ginger is nice though...

Fresh squid sambal with petai. Too spicy for my liking though...but Jelly and Jon boy loves it . I just loves the petai only........

Duck King
8-G Block M, Jaya One
No.72-A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7957 9819
Open daily 11.00am-10.30pm / Public Holidays & Sundays 9.00am-10.30pm

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After dinner we proceed to nearby Brussels for dessert..................

U see who hold the biggest cup ????? 1 pint wor.....

Hoegaardden forbidden fruit.

Hoegaarden white on tap !!!

Surprisingly good roast pork. Just like the ones you get in market
I finally found you !!! Becks !
Leffe Brune, looks like Guinness but sweet..I prefer Guinness draught though........

Brussels Beer Cafe
L-20-G, Block L
Jaya One
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel 03-7954 2000

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Xenri @ D Garden Terrace

Since started their first outlet in Jalan Kelang Lama, this upscale Japanese restaurant has not look back since , and continue to satisfy Nihon ryori lovers in town. With their latest outlet in Menara Hap Seng they are heading in the rigth direction by bringing quality Japanese food closer to KL folks....

Yummy gindara head

Daikon with beef
Good way to keep the sake cold.....
Fish soup.....
Sashimi !! Just cant get enough of those :)-

KImchi nabe....
Sashimi Moriwase.......

Xenri D'Garden Terrace
Lot 2.04, Second Floor
The Podium
Menara Hap Seng
Jalan P Ramlee
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2078 6688

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tg Tualang River prawns

The prawns here lured us back to Tanjung Tualang for another round of the famous big head river prawns . River prawns lovers would mind driving almost 2 hours to get their fix . This sleepy town located about 45 minutes from Ipoh , comes alive every weekend and during public holidays as prawn lovers from near and afar makes their way here and its every prawn lovers dream to be greeted by rows and rows of restaurants proudly displaying their prawns on the walkways to lure you in.

Being the 6th day of CNY and felt a little bored from the usual CNY programme , we headed down to Tg Tualang to meet another 2 couples on their way back to KL from Penang for our fix. Since we were early and ahead of schedule , we decided to start our makan trip early by stopping in Bidor for wantan mee for part 1 of our makan trip !!

This particular wantan mee is much better than the much famous Pun Chun. Flavourful noodle which is cooked al dante , and each wantan comes with whole prawns . But doesnt comes cheap even with KL standard's at RM4 for a small serving and each wantan cost 50 cents each. But 1 thing for sure is that it puts many KL wantan mee stalls to shame.

And after our initial stop we finally makes our way to Tg Tualang , the mecca of river prawns.

First stop was Sun Swee Kiong based on some recommendations from a friend.

I am gonna eat you later !!

This steam Pak Soukung ( Catfish ) was really fresh and firm at the belly side . Indicating that this is a true river fish and not the reared ones.

Fried petai with sambal and cuttlefish. This is really good with fragrant belacan and not too spicy

What was supposed to the star of the day turns out to be a failure. This ' Kon Cheen' fried prawns was rather bland . Would be much better with a little more saltiness and sweetness from the caramel. But the firm flesh of the giant prawns saved the day.

The heads didnt turned out perfect either. Could be better with a little more Shiau Hing wine . Another failure is that, steam prawns shouldnt comes with chinese parsley as it spoils the natural sweetness of the prawns. Spring onions would be a much better choice. However the creamy roe was really nice .

Just to show you how big the prawn head really is .

Steam crabs. Remember parsley doesnt goes with prawns and crabs !!!!! Wasnt flavourful and the chef kinda of stingy on the Shiu Heng wine I guess.

Overall this restaurant is a failure in my list except if you really want to have a good plate of petai, IMHO i would skip this restaurant and get back to restaurant we frequent normally. It doesnt comes cheap either. The bill comes up to RM 407 for 7 of us . The 7 prawns already cost RM280 !!!!!

2nd stop...........

And guess what we did after the dissapointing meal just now ??? We headed for another round of steam prawns at Sun Mee Fong !!!! To locate this restaurant isnt hard , just look out for this sign.

Even Ah Xian gives his thumb of approval. Check it out here.

Good steam prawns no need to be huge !! This medium size was allright as the meat was fresh n firm to every bite. Most importantly is that there is spring onion to add sweetness and fragrant as well as sufficient of Shiu Hsing wine in steaming the prawns. This dish get everyones thumbs up approval. And yes we only ordered just one dish here !!!!!! And we all left satisfied for just RM70. Note that they never use parsley ????

Walk around town.........

We all left fully satisfied and decided to stroll along this sleepy town and came across this particular stall which sells freshly baked Sak Keh Mah. Freshly baked Sak Keh Ma, is really a treat to the nose....
Old skool convenience store before the hypermarket era.

Cant find these bamboo screen banner anymore in KL. Really hope they could preserve it.

Tranquil peaceful little town..far from the crazy KL city life
Kampung Timah ,where the cows roam the streets and prawns fills out tummy !

Directions :

Using PLUS highway from KL towards Ipoh direction take the Tapah exit and drive towards Kampar town. Look out for a Petronas station on your right prior reaching Kampar town . Take a left turn at the traffic light. Drive further 2 km and you should see the sign board which reads Tronoh Mines/ Tg Tualang. Turn right and drive all the way straight passing thru some small villages before reaching Kg Timah. At the T junction turn right and continue driving for another 4 to 5 km and you would reach Tg Tualang .

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