Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another short series of my step by step guide to a simple pot luck dish. Asparagus bacon rolls are popular items in Japanese izakaya bars. These are good as appetizer .They can also be eaten hot or cold.

But involved a lot of preparations as they need to be rolled one at a time.

#1 Roll the lightly blanched asparagus with the streaky bacon.Remember dont over blanch the asparagus as it would cook during sauteing time.

#2 Secure the roll with a toothpick.

#3 Repeat with the rest of remaining asparagus and bacon.

#4 Brown them evenly on a non stick pan. Remember dont add in any oil as the bacons would release oil when frying.

#5 Voila !! Done..isnt it simple ????

Thursday, September 24, 2009

OPS : SS14 Wong Shoon Kee

Wong Shoon Kee ...hidden jewel of SS14 Armed with this article I set off to Subang

Armed with a NST article on Subang Jaya god food...I set off to SS14 Wong Shoon Kee with my fren, who is also a food lover....Ordered what was recommended by the article..and well it was worth my effort driving down to SS14 Subang Jaya, braving da jam n parking woes...

The soup looks inviting huh ???? Armed with the info from NST, I proceeded to order the Beef Nodle ' Ngau Lam Meen "...believe me at RM3.50 a bowl..its a great deal. With tender slices of beef tendon and beef swimming in a rich beef broth with salted chinese mustard ' Kiam Chye'..its heaven. Beef noodle lover should give this a try. Even my partner for the day gladly agrees with it.

Next came the broad wanton noodle as recommended my Sam of NST( now SAMO with STAR ) , I would have to agree with him..that the char siew really perks up da noodle. Ordered the broad noodle ( chow meen ) ,but I found the taste rather normal...but the char siew was good. IMHO I still prefer the wantan noodle sold my an old man along Tengkat Tong Shin ( behind Jalan Alor )..

As soon as I entered the coffee shop, I noticed that many patrons are eating the fried chicken. So as it seems to be a safe bet with so many people ordering . Well it was really tasty at RM4/pop its kinda expensive..but the ordinary looking fried chicken thigh really taste well...Oh ya..this is from the mix rice stall...

But I was kinda piss off with the service attitude of the staff here.....especially with one uncle who helps to collect back the bowl for the beef noodle. As i dunno him..i thought he orders drink I ordered from him..he just stare back and me without a word and walks away...what a bad attitude...Also the waiters are slow in responding to your drink request...

Nevertheless this place is worth the visit...for who dont know..This as located in Subang SS14..along the NPE ..same row as Caltex station. Its beside the pedestrian bridge across NPE from SS15 opposite CIMB bank.

Kari Kepala Ikan Kapar,Klang

This outlet has been around for years and its been exceptionally popular with lunch crowd around Meru/Kapar , especially for curry fish head lovers. The place is very well planned with a waterfall situated in its main entrance giving its visitors a feeling of calmness and the much needed cooling effect to counter its awaiting fiery curry experience. The stall is operated by an Indian family. There may not be air conditioning, but there are plenty of trees surrounding the area, making it quite cool.

Me and my partner, ordered a fish head curry for the two persons and fried baby shark. Papadum and accompanying vegetable dish comes standard with the banana leaf rice fare.

After taking in the tantalising aromas from the cooking for15 minutes, we were finally served with all the dishes. The fish head was the size of a tiger’s paw, and it tasted very good. The curry flavour was strong and yet not overly spicy with hints of sourness either from the tomatoes or assam used. The fish was fresh and was garnished with ladies’ fingers. This place also serves other dishes like fried deer meat ( Chinese style, yummy ) , prawn sambal, roast lamb shoulder, stuffed crabs shell etc.....

As for the price, this place doesn’t comes cheap , but it is certainly one of the best in terms of gastronomical satisfaction. The lunch costs us about RM20 per person but it was well worth it. This place opens for lunch at noon. I suggest you get there early as the crowd starts to come in after 1230pm . Oh yes, their Meru pineapple is also to die for.....

How do i get there ??? Drive along Jalan Kapar heading towards Kapar town. If you are coming in from town side, drive past Bata factory ( if you see it on the left side you are on the right track ). Drive further up till u pass a Projet station on your right. From Projet drive up for another few kilometres and look out for a furniture shop with a big globe outside. The well kept secret is just nest to the furniture shop. Its facing a TNB field.

Damage : Other than putting another extra pounds and possibility of getting Curry Withdrawal Syndrome ( the curry is very addicitive ) , you have been warned !!. Prepare to pay about RM20/person for a decent meal, for a fish head , a drink and a side dish as well.

Lemon Garden , Shangrilla Hotel KL

Lunch at Lemon Garden, Shangrilla KL

After hearing so much about their buffet lunch, I finally had a chance to drop by here for lunch last week. It has a good selection of cold starters like oysters, prawns, mussels and sashimi . But I found the sashimi a tad too thick on the cut, as I prefer it thinner.

What I like is the way they present the food, its a break from the norm. You should go there and experience yourself. Also the management should be given a apraise for making it out vey has a chinese, malay and western selection , each tucked away in its own corner....good for lazy man like me...

Interesting way of presenting food....

East meet West...noodle war !!!!! Oriental noodles stall also freshly cooked pasta's

.deserts serve in spoons...very convenient !!!

Chocolate Pizza anyone ??? Kinda weird...........

Chocolate fountain !!!!!!!

with marshmellow, grapes, strawberries and even kuih bahulu look alike !!

Lontong - Treasure from South

Its the Merdeka month..and being a patriotic and a true Malaysian, guess that it's time for me to write up something about our delicious local Malaysian food. I admit that I like Malay food, especially kampung type.

To start of with our local treasure, we have something from da south. Something I always take for breakfast, looking for lontong is hard in KL ... somemore a good lontong.

Lontong is a favourite breakfast item in the south . Its namely a dish made out from nasi himpit ( ketupat like ) and eaten with a yellowish creamy coconut and kunyit(turmeric) based soup loaded with vegetables, tempeh ( made out of fermented beans ) and eaten with hard boiled eggs and a dash of sambal for the extra kick.

Traditionally eaten with hard boiled eggs, but its common taken with sambal sotong. For me the ultimate companion is with Paru goreng bersambal ( fried beef lungs with sambal) . I know its high in cholestrol...but good food is always unhealthy !!!! Think of hokkien mee with extra lards, Char kuey Teow , Bah Kut Teh..its always rated highly in terms of fat and cholestrol......but being a truely Malaysian...tasty food always comes first.

Where to eat : Jalan 6/37 A Taman Bukit Maluri Industry Park, Kepong, KL. Its the 2nd warong located directly opposite Sang Kee Oil Industries.

Open Monday - Saturday for breakfast and lunch. For lontong only available for breakfast. Best before 9 am as its fast disappearing into the stomach of the morning crowd !!!! Expect to pay RM2.50 to RM3.50 depending on the serving and your condiments.

Lim Kee Fushball noodles

I am not really a fishball noodle junkie until I've been introduced to this fish ball speciality shop by a friend of mine. What really makes me hook to this particular eatery is the soup. The soup is remarkably sweet and tasty, minus the lard oil and MSG. You can really taste the freshness in the soup stock ,coupled with some dried salted chinese mustard ( tung-choy) its heaven. In chinese noodle, the most important is the soup base..and it really determines whether the noodle makes it or beats it .

This eatery steadfastly refuses to use commercial fishballs. Instead he makes his own and you can taste the difference almost the instant you bite into the balls. The sweet flavour of sai-to fish is so deliciously satisfying, something you'd never find in over-the-counter fishballs. The fishballs aren't perfectly round in shape either as these are shaped by hand, not machine.

The standard bowl ( RM 3.80 /M 4,30 Large ) comes with 2 delicious saito fishball, few slices of fish cakes and a stuffed Tofu-pok.Beside that there is also an array of stuffed Yong Tau Fu ( 80 cents a piece ) available for the extras. For me,nothing beats the good school old fish ball noodles, minus all the fuss.

Tasty ???? Just look at my bowl...need I say more ?????

They also serves a mean curry laksa.

location : Jalan Medan Putra 3, Medan Putra, Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong, KL

Directions : From Kepong/Sg Buloh .If you are using LDP towards One-Utama direction, look out for the first left junction before the toll. After turning left you would come to a round about ( where Desa Park City ) take a 12 o clock turn. Then at the first 2nd junction turn left. then look out for Khalifah mamak turn left then at 2nd junction turn right. The restaurant is on your left.

Claypot Seafood Curry Noddles, Pandamaran,Klang

Getting to the restaurant, tucked in the heart if a village , can be slightly tricky. But its worth the trouble , for its aromatic Claypot seafood curry laksa.

The claypot curry noodles, which the restaurant is known for, are worth the effort of driving all the way to Pandamaran, Klang and finding the place. Laden with huge sea prawns ( Ming Har ) , cockles and tofu pok. The soup is thick, rich with santan and very fragrant, yet not very spicy. The winning note is the fresh Ming Har unlike others which uses tiger prawn which is less sweet. A serving cost RM15 for 2 person.

Sri Choon Keng Seafood
111, Jalan Jagong, Pandamaran New Village, Port Klang
Tel : 03-3167 0023

From KL towards Port Klang turn in before Crystal Crown hotel and get to Jalan Balai Polis. Upon reaching the traffic light ( the police station is on the right ), turn left. Turn left again at the 2nd junction. Looking out for the 168 sign near it. On the left is the lane leading to the restaurant.

Vintry Cellar..The hidden gem of Damansara

The Vintry Cellar , is a hidden gem among the rows of shop houses in Medan Damansara, off Jalan Damansara. Hidden behind Victoria Station this place offers , a fair selection of premium wines and good food, which mainly features pork on its menu. The menu might not be extensive, but its good enough to complete a satisfying meal here. Oh yeah..if you are not satisfied with the menu on offer, you can always order from the restaurants along Jalan Kasah like Kah Soh Fish Head Noodles, The Rib Shop , Red's Japanese Restaurant. But trust me, once you had a starts to indulge on the menu, you wont be ordering anything else !!!!

Freied caramalized pork with spagetthi !! A perfect East meet West combination which surprisingly combined very well with our selection of red wine for the night.

The deer fried pork strips ( Rm 8 ) a must try !!! Fried marinated fah lam ( pork belly meat ) meat with fuh yue ( fermented bean curd ).

Our selection for the night. Ocio , a remarkably nice 2005 Chilean Pinot Noir produced by Cono Sur a premium renowed Chilean wine maker. Remarkably rare with only 1500 cases produced and its among the 59 bottles in Malaysia !! And we finished 2 of the 6 bottles available here !! At RM250, its a little bit expensive for a 2005 wine , but considered cheap for a Pinot of such a quality. It would be nice, if we could keep it for another 5 years ....................

The all time favourite Cuban Sandwich ( RM 18 ) . A thriple deck sandwich with loads of bacon , ham , gherkins and cheese. Would satisfy even the biggest appetite !!!!

Over all the bill came out to RM585 , which is due to the 2 wines which we finished !! Other wise the food only came out to a reasonable RM85 for 4 pax , which I would consider as reasonable for a cosy place like this...............

Oppsss......almost miss out one thing..their roast pork ( siew yoke ) is another dish to die for. Too bad since, we were too hungry, I didnt manage to snap any photos of those !!! Go try for yourself !!!

Address :
130, Jalan Kasah
Medan Damansara, 50490,Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 2094 8262

Location : Along Jalan Damansara heading towards KL direction. Located just behind Victoria Station.

Other reviews :

Boo_licious, Masak-Masak

Taste & Taste Ipoh Salted Chicken

Salted baked chicken or “Yim Kok Kai (盐焗鸡)” is a specialty of Ipoh town and the most famous is no other than the pioneer itself, Aun Kheng Lim . Aun Kheng Lim Restaurant was established in 1987, it is easily identified via its red-and-white facade. The Salt Baked Chicken specially sold in Aun Kheng Lim is hard to find elsewhere, but not till now, when his brother in law opened a branch in Damansara Uptown 5 years ago.

Salted Baked Chicken

This shop located along SS21/56B offers the same delicious famous salted baked chicken where even the hardcores of this delicacy would give his approval. The Whole chicken is wrapped together with Chinese herbs such as Dong Guai or and Gei Zhi (wolfberry) in one piece of greaseproof paper and baked in an oven covered and filled with heated coarse salt crystals. It is indeed is a brilliantly treated and cooked, the flesh is tender and very tasty. It is the process of cooking in which salt is absorbed by the meat to enhance the taste. The combination of salt and herbs gives the meat a unique flavor. With this unique cooking technique, the chicken essence is well preserved as well. All the chicken used here are slightly smaller in size due to it is Kampung chicken which is has less fat compared to normal chickens sold in the wet market. And the chicken is own bred in their family farm in Bukit Mertajam !!!

Killer tangy chilli sauce to dip..

There are some vital hints, request them not to chop up the chicken . To eat use your fingers instead to tear out the flesh or parts and it is perfect with some mixture of pounded chili, garlic, onion and lime sauce dipping sauce. Also do not forget to ask for their herbal soup !!

Peking Sui Kow

Also on offered are their delicious Szechuan Dan Dan mee. This noodle is served in a sourish hot broth with some minced meat. Also worth mentioning is their Sui Kow nooodle. Price is kept affordable with RM20 for one whole chicken and RM11 for half and sets are also available.

Full moon sets for newborns are also available with choice of 1 or 1/2 salted chicken with red eggs.

This shop was also features in Astro's One Day Five Meals.

Directions :

Along LDP towards One Utama look out for the BHP station on your left. Turn in at BHP station and the restaurant is located about 100 metres further down on your left. Its same row as Damansara Uptowns The Ship restaurant.

Contact : Taste and Taste Salted Chicken
25, Jalan SS21/56B , Damansara Utama , 47400, PJ, Selangor

Tel : 03-77222172 or 012-2322873 Mr SK Yow.

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Kan Eng Restaurant, Hatyai

Kan Eng restaurant- Highly recommended !!

This famous family restaurant comes highly recommended in my must-do list each time we visit Hatyai. They serves authentic Thai dishes with a very affordable price. Just hop on any tuk tuk and tell them Kan Eng for an experience you would never regret !!
Yummy fried fish cakes.
Fried pigs stomach with salted vegetable.

What is Thai food without Tom Yam Kung !!
Fried omellete with minced pork.

Total bill for 10 dishes for our family of 10 only comes to B1200 !! The fried omellete ishighly recommended. We had 2 of this !!

Melaka Makan Trip- November 2008

The first sign saying that we've arrived in the historical town of Melaka...

Started our day at this humble looking shack in Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka which serves great congee and fried shrimp wantan.

Located in Jalan Hang Lekir , Nancy's Kitchen has been a great restaurant which serves authenthic Nyonya inspired dishes.

Where fresh popiah and pai-tees are made fresh upon order

Also great Cendol and the rich Laksa Lemak.

And also tasty Nyonya Chang ( rice dumplings )

The ever popular Jonker Street. Its a saying , You havent been to Melaka if you havent been to Jonker Street

And also the Hokkien ancestors clan !!! Yeah I am a hokkien by the way.........

The charming Hotel Puri, where you are transported back to the olden days.

They even have a swallow hall, where they built their nest here.

Our day continued with dinner at Loi's Famous Beef Bah Kut Teh in Bukit Baru. Its the one and only Beef Bah Kut Teh stall here in Malaysia I suppose . Several reviews has made on this delicious soup. Click here for more reviews.

Chef Loi's in his kitchen , which is located in the yard of his home !

Its first cooked to boiling hot over slow fire before thinly sliced raw beef is added on top of the soup and served along side some raw cabbage and some 'nam yee' sauce over it. Beneath it you'ff find heaps of tender meats, beef balls, internal organs in a peppery herbal soup.

Whats better way to end the day with some satay celup as supper before we left for KL ?? We wanted to try Capitol but the crowd really put as away, as its more famous as a tourist restaurant..nevertheless we were shown to this local haunt Ban Nen Hiong in Jalan Ong Kim Wee , by a Melaka's born friend, which also serves a decent Satay celup ! Thanks Ed !!!

Another review of this place by popular blogger Jason can be fond here.

Satay celup is not what the name suggest. Its no where near Satay, except the sauce being a peanut based sauce which looks like satay sauce. Its basically lok-lok where you dip sticks of seafood , meat and vegetables skewers, like prawns, cockles , meat balls , fried bean curd into boling peanut sauce to cook.

Sadly this unique dish never makes it our of Melaka, as there has been few satay celup's shop in KL, but sadly none of them survives .

By the way..I blogged bout Melaka and promoted Melaka in a way to the world thru www... You think would I get a datukship from the Melaka Government argh ????