Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taste & Taste Ipoh Salted Chicken

Salted baked chicken or “Yim Kok Kai (盐焗鸡)” is a specialty of Ipoh town and the most famous is no other than the pioneer itself, Aun Kheng Lim . Aun Kheng Lim Restaurant was established in 1987, it is easily identified via its red-and-white facade. The Salt Baked Chicken specially sold in Aun Kheng Lim is hard to find elsewhere, but not till now, when his brother in law opened a branch in Damansara Uptown 5 years ago.

Salted Baked Chicken

This shop located along SS21/56B offers the same delicious famous salted baked chicken where even the hardcores of this delicacy would give his approval. The Whole chicken is wrapped together with Chinese herbs such as Dong Guai or and Gei Zhi (wolfberry) in one piece of greaseproof paper and baked in an oven covered and filled with heated coarse salt crystals. It is indeed is a brilliantly treated and cooked, the flesh is tender and very tasty. It is the process of cooking in which salt is absorbed by the meat to enhance the taste. The combination of salt and herbs gives the meat a unique flavor. With this unique cooking technique, the chicken essence is well preserved as well. All the chicken used here are slightly smaller in size due to it is Kampung chicken which is has less fat compared to normal chickens sold in the wet market. And the chicken is own bred in their family farm in Bukit Mertajam !!!

Killer tangy chilli sauce to dip..

There are some vital hints, request them not to chop up the chicken . To eat use your fingers instead to tear out the flesh or parts and it is perfect with some mixture of pounded chili, garlic, onion and lime sauce dipping sauce. Also do not forget to ask for their herbal soup !!

Peking Sui Kow

Also on offered are their delicious Szechuan Dan Dan mee. This noodle is served in a sourish hot broth with some minced meat. Also worth mentioning is their Sui Kow nooodle. Price is kept affordable with RM20 for one whole chicken and RM11 for half and sets are also available.

Full moon sets for newborns are also available with choice of 1 or 1/2 salted chicken with red eggs.

This shop was also features in Astro's One Day Five Meals.

Directions :

Along LDP towards One Utama look out for the BHP station on your left. Turn in at BHP station and the restaurant is located about 100 metres further down on your left. Its same row as Damansara Uptowns The Ship restaurant.

Contact : Taste and Taste Salted Chicken
25, Jalan SS21/56B , Damansara Utama , 47400, PJ, Selangor

Tel : 03-77222172 or 012-2322873 Mr SK Yow.

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