Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lontong - Treasure from South

Its the Merdeka month..and being a patriotic and a true Malaysian, guess that it's time for me to write up something about our delicious local Malaysian food. I admit that I like Malay food, especially kampung type.

To start of with our local treasure, we have something from da south. Something I always take for breakfast, looking for lontong is hard in KL ... somemore a good lontong.

Lontong is a favourite breakfast item in the south . Its namely a dish made out from nasi himpit ( ketupat like ) and eaten with a yellowish creamy coconut and kunyit(turmeric) based soup loaded with vegetables, tempeh ( made out of fermented beans ) and eaten with hard boiled eggs and a dash of sambal for the extra kick.

Traditionally eaten with hard boiled eggs, but its common taken with sambal sotong. For me the ultimate companion is with Paru goreng bersambal ( fried beef lungs with sambal) . I know its high in cholestrol...but good food is always unhealthy !!!! Think of hokkien mee with extra lards, Char kuey Teow , Bah Kut Teh..its always rated highly in terms of fat and cholestrol......but being a truely Malaysian...tasty food always comes first.

Where to eat : Jalan 6/37 A Taman Bukit Maluri Industry Park, Kepong, KL. Its the 2nd warong located directly opposite Sang Kee Oil Industries.

Open Monday - Saturday for breakfast and lunch. For lontong only available for breakfast. Best before 9 am as its fast disappearing into the stomach of the morning crowd !!!! Expect to pay RM2.50 to RM3.50 depending on the serving and your condiments.

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