Monday, January 11, 2010

Kampar Steamed Vegetable dumpling

Every one knows this man in Kampar, as he would make his round everyday on his trusty old motorbike with a speaker blasting " Ham Kok Chai........ Ham Kok Chai " on his back. If you miss him on his round, he can still be located in Fai Hoong Restaurant located the Kampar market.

This delicious dumpings is filled with sengkuang , some carrots and small dried shrimps, which would manage to bring out the sweetness of the sengkuang in it. Topped with sesame seeds and goes witha a fiery hot chilli sauce..its trully a match made in heaven !!! AT 25 sen a piece its a steal.

Souled Out - Sri Hartamas

Its been quite some time since I stepped into this wonderful restaurant. Actually I've been visiting Souled Out since its early days back in 1996/7. talk bout food then. its the place to be seen in Mt Kiara. It was like our port then, mention about Happy Hour its Souled Out, mention about pasta its Souled out..mention about birthdays parties its Souled Out again. its like we have sold our soul to Souled Out back then. By the way , mentioning about celebrating your birthday at Souled would have a time of your life ..with the staff singing for you in groups and makes you the stars of the nights by making you stand on the chair when they sing..not for the shy and faint hearted though.

Food was fast and they really live up to their name by serving under 10 minutes !!! As we are sitting directly under the air-cond, the food really turns cold fast.

Tasty Spaghetti Carbonara (RM18) withs lots of beef bacon. Hmmmm Yummy.But due to the strong aircond it cools fast and makes it to soggy.

Cheese Nachos ( RM16) Really nice, so far one of the best I've tasted in KL after Hard Rock Cafe's nachos.Mushroom galore with Mushroom all The way ( RM 22 for 8" ) from their Pizza selection. Simply prepared with mushroom,tomato puree and cheese, for an uncomplicated taste. Porterhouse Steak ( RM 36 ). The steak comes thick, just the way I like it. Not too bad, but the beef is just too tough even though we requested Medium rare. Should have ordered Medium, as its too rare and the tough veins and fibres are tough to chew on , as its not broken down yet due to the cooking time.

Overall its a good experience making this trip back to Souled Out and we left with a happy feeling satisfied with the food and reasonably priced too.

Souled Restaurant
20, Jalan 30/70R, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2300 1955
Damage : Expects to pay rm30-40/pax including drinks.

Lim Kee Fishball Noodle, Medan Putra , Kepong

I am not really a fishball noodle junkie until I've been introduced to this fish ball speciality shop by a friend of mine. What really makes me hook to this particular eatery is the soup. The soup is remarkably sweet and tasty, minus the lard oil and MSG. You can really taste the freshness in the soup stock ,coupled with some dried salted chinese mustard ( tung-choy) its heaven. In chinese noodle, the most important is the soup base..and it really determines whether the noodle makes it or beats it .

This eatery steadfastly refuses to use commercial fishballs. Instead he makes his own and you can taste the difference almost the instant you bite into the balls. The sweet flavour of sai-to fish is so deliciously satisfying, something you'd never find in over-the-counter fishballs. The fishballs aren't perfectly round in shape either as these are shaped by hand, not machine.

The standard bowl ( RM 3.80 /M 4,30 Large ) comes with 2 delicious saito fishball, few slices of fish cakes and a stuffed Tofu-pok.Beside that there is also an array of stuffed Yong Tau Fu ( 80 cents a piece ) available for the extras. For me,nothing beats the good school old fish ball noodles, minus all the fuss.

Tasty ???? Just look at my bowl...need I say more ?????

They also serves a mean curry laksa.

location : Jalan Medan Putra 3, Medan Putra, Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong, KL

Directions : From Kepong/Sg Buloh .If you are using LDP towards One-Utama direction, look out for the first left junction before the toll. After turning left you would come to a round about ( where Desa Park City ) take a 12 o clock turn. Then at the first 2nd junction turn left. then look out for Khalifah mamak turn left then at 2nd junction turn right. The restaurant is on your left.

Fatty House Mee Huen Kueh, Taman Berkerly, Klang

This is a popular noodle haunt with never ending stream of Mee Huen Kueh fans waiting patiently for their steaming hot Mee Huen Kueh . Be prepared to wait for half an hour or more if you are here during peak hour.

The noodles here are different from other Mee Huen Kueh stalls, as they are hand madeand hand teared and you can really taste and enjoy the smooth and chewy texture of the noodles cooked in a sweet ikan bilis stock with vegetables, meat slices, pork liver and egg,sprinkled with crunchy ikan bilis , gives it the extra bite. The soup is sweet and tasty, thanks to the large amount of ikan bilis used in preparing the stock, with no hints of msg. Just like the way I like, home cooked recipe without the fuss of other condiments like ground pork, mushroom etc.

The place is packed and the Mee Huen Kueh fans, doesnt seems to mind waiting 30-45 minutes for their favourite fix. So as a word of advice, be there early or late to avoid the 12.30-1.30 lunch crowd. Otherwise you can also buy uncooked noodles dough and stock to cook at home.

Another speciality is their signature barley and cincau drink. Which is really an unusual combination but once you tried it, youll ask for more !!

Serving starts at RM2.80 for a small serving to RM3.20 for an extra large serving and RM0.40 for egg.

19, Lebuh Bangau, Taman Berkerly,Klang.

Directions : From Federal Highway towards Klang direction , look out to Taman Berkerly sign board. At round about turn 3 o clock. Go straight pass a church on your left and you would see some shop houses on the right. Turn in and the shop is on your left after the cross junction.

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Guinness Infused Christmas at Michelangelo,Solaris KL

SOHO at Solaris KL has been developing preety fast to be next to be seen place in KL, much merrier when I first step foot into this new place few months back . From a piece of swampy land ( many would have remember the short cut from Segambut heading out to Jalan Duta in the mid 90's filled with pot holes and overgrown lalangs ) to where it is today, mushrooming up with clubs and fine dining restaurants and not forgetting the mamak's.

Being a new hip area..canggih restaurants cant be left out right ? And Michelangelo is one of them.Its been around for a few month , yet this is the first time I step my foot into this Italian eatery for the Guinness Festive Promotion where every dishes ordered from this special Guinness infused menu comes with a pint of this good black gold stuff :)-

Thanks to Jane for bringing up the idea in Facebooks Guinness Draught fans page we made or way there before it end on 31 December 2008.It was kinda last minute but we managed to get a few good company to join us that night. Thanks Jane , Michael , Simon , Ren and Lynndy for making it . And guess what , Lynddy and Mike were long lost college mate back in Melaka !!!

And we ordered every single item here !!!

Food was kinda good here, minus the slow service and unattentive staff. Imagine waiting for 1 1/2 hours to get our meal served was ridicolous !!!!

The mushroom and chicken soup was a let down. Campbell soup does better !!

A toast was made,can you guess whose hand are in there ????

Finally it came after 11/2 hrs of waiting. Stuffed quail with Foei Gras. Its a creation of Emmanuel Stroobant. If you dont know who he is ? Maybe "The Chef in Black" might ring a bell in you. Luckily it made the grade.

Lobster with Squid Ink pasta. The home made pasta was made al-dante and tossed in garlic and olive oil. Preety yummy here too.

Angelo's style braised chicken leg. I never liked chicken..but this tops my list. Tender and moist with a sweet Guinness infused sauce. And we tossed some of the remaining pasta onto the sauce for a yummy finish !!

Braised beef ribs. Pieces of ribs braised in Guinness infused sauce , so tender that the meats literally melts in your mouth. Jane's favourite for the night.

Guinness Stout marinated codfish. The fish was baked to perfection and was fresh and juicy. The highlight is the sauce which is slightly sweet similar to the Chicken Legs's sauce. I would rate this as the joint winner tonight.

And they even throw in free limited edition miniatures Guinness pint glasses.

Over all we all did enjoyed the dinner experience with Guinness , with the bill coming up to about RM350 inclusive of all the taxes and 2 soups we ordered. Not really expensive , taking into considerations the amount of effort putting into preparing every dishes individually upon order.

Guinness Christmas Experience at Ronnie Q

Part 2 of my Guinness Infused Festive menu brought me to Ronnie Q , Bangsar on this Christmas Day. Its Been around since the early 90's long during Bangsar's heyday as the to be seen place back then.

Being a typical Irish pub which pride itself as a Glenfiddich whiskey joint , Kilkenny and not forgetting Guinness. Naturally its got to be a part of the Guinness Festive promotion .

At RM23 nett it's a steal. For who doesnt know , it comes with free 1/2 pint of the black gold. Plus you'll get another coupon which entitles you to a RM12 off every 3 pints of Guinness ordered. Remember, promotion only valid till 31st December 2008 only.

Only Hainanese chop is available for this festive promotionand you get a choice of Chicken, pork or lamb is available. We opted for pork and chicken chop . The pork chop was kinda tasty but we found the chop a bit too salty, but luckily it was neutralized by the more subtle Guinness infused brown sauce. Luckily the chicken chop turned out better, as it was well marinated and juicy and less salty.....

Ronnie Q is at : 32, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru. 59100, KL Tel : 03-2282 0722
For those high tech ones with GPS nav : Lat 3.131721 , Long 101.671815

Directions : From Jalan Bangsar turns into Jalan Maarof. Go pass the mosque/Jalan Ara traffic light, take the first left turn ( Jalan Telawi 4 ) . Turn in and you would see a police beat base on your left and a convenience shop on your right. Turn right into the road leading uphill. Thats Telawi 2. And Ronnie Q is on your right just a stone throw away from Devi's corner.

Other landmark : Same row as La Bodega.

The GPS Coordinates was taken from KY Speaks. Thanks again KY !!!!

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Silkroad @ Pavillion KL

This s one of the few international acclaimed restaurants featured in the exclusive Dining on ^th at Pavillion, and we do expect good food from this, but we were wrong. We planned to celebrate mothers day at Li Jin next door, but unfortunately a wedding banquet was going on so we settled for Silkroad which is just located nextdoor.

Firstly the interior was interesting..kudos to the ID !!

8 treasure tea , as normally served in Silkroad journey. Consist of tea, red dates, wolfberries, dried longan , almond , walnut and dried raising. Tasted sweet at first and the taste changes each time. RM5/cup. I'll stick back to normalpu-ergh tea..............

As per the captain's Mr SIVA, recommendation we went for their house specialities. BTW I've been wondering why a Sichuan reataurant captain isnt a Chinese ?????? Sorry I'm no trying to be a racist , but just wondering. He's a friednly chap though.

Sichuan Sour and spicy soup. Taste rather bland and isnt exciting enough. Dragon I's win hands down. A real let down at RM12/bowl.

Fried prawns with wasabi and sweet potato ( RM 43). BTW whats wasabi doing in Sichuan cooking ?? Anyway its nice as the prawns is fresh and succulent.

Deep fried chicken with dried red chillies. Typical sichuan dish. RM 27.

A letdown..Mapoh tofu. Maybe it isnt to my liking

Customary green. Stir fried french beans ( RM20 )

Their award winning dish from Singapore Silkroad. Deep fried cod with Sichuan sauce ( RM 48.80). This resembles more of sweet and sour sauce...nice though but nothing Sichuan in it.
The freshness of the fish saves the day.

There has been numerous writeups on how great this restaurant is , but IMHO its not worth another return visit due to its high price and so so only food. Maybe I'm not an expert in Sichuan cuisine to pass a comment but couldnt the whole family of us agree that it isnt worth another visit.

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan in Siam Reap, Cambodia

Instant noodles are served in a clear radish and carrot based stock with fresh beef and beef balls. simply delicious. Its the best instant noodle I've had .

Khmer cuisine is closely related to her neighbouring country Vietnam, Laos and Thailand , although not as spicy. Curries , stir fried , rice , noodles and soups are common. Food stalls are abundants , serving local favourites like fried instant noodles, fried rice, Lok Lak and simple vegetables. Servings starts at USD1/dish ( tourist price ). The main national staple is of course rice, but French colonial influence has dictated that the Cambodians eat more bread--generally French-style baguettes--than any other Southeast Asian country.

For typical traditional Khmer cuisines , could be found in restaurants. For the more adventurous , Phong Thea Khon ( the infamous balut, fertilized duck egg with embryo) are readily available at almost every street corner. Cost 900 Riels ( less than USD25 cents ).

French-style baguettes can be found everywhere

Yes I earned USD1. Roadside pau seller. Filled with minced pork and half an egg. Kinda expensive at USD0.50 each.

Phon Thea Kon
I cant believed I ate this !!!!! Phon Thea Kon , fertilized duck egg with embryo. At 18 days its the best time to eat this grouse stuff. At 23 days feathers starts to appear and at 29 days the head is formed. It just taste like steam chawan mushi . Serious its tasty . Eaten with a spicy garlic based chilli sauce with some lime juice and pepper. Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, Phon thea Kon, are mostly sold by street vendors at night in the regions where they are available. The duck inside is not old enough to show its beak, feathers or claws and the bones are undeveloped. In Cambodia, most people prefer to eat it while it is still warm in its shell. Served with nothing more than a little garnish, it is widely popular. Usually, it is accompanied by a mixture of lime juice and ground pepper.

Phew its hot !!! I guess that I just about to eat a whole duck !! and Donald Duck gonna be enemy from now on...another life wasted, and ended up in my tummy. Nop..we never get stomach upset the next day. Salute to the ladies , Angeline and Angela ,for being tough to eat this delicious local delicacy . Bet that if they are filming ' Fear Factor : Cambodia edition " this is gonna be one of it !

BBQ Sausage

Roast sausage by the roadside. God knows made out of what meat !! Pork ?? Beef ?? Who cares as long its nice and we survive eating it. Kinda sourish taste and goes with some julienne radish and carrots.

Cambodian 'Apam Balik'

Hey ! This kinda look familiar . Its Apam Balik. Its very different from our. This version has some grated coconut in it. The outer layer is cooked until crispy followed by a layer of coconut cream ( santan ) and finally some sweet grated coconut is added. Believe me...once you have one , you will reach for the second piece !!

Khmer dishes

I always make it a point to try local dishes where ever I go, and Cambodia is no exception.

Khmer Soup with chicken. A sour soup made out of Kaffir Lime, pineapple, onions and green tomatoes. Very appetizing indeed, and guarantee to light up your day.

Amok is Khmers favourite dish. Steamed fish/chicken or beef served with lemongrass, khmer spices and coconut cream wrapped in banana leaf served with steamed rice. It taste quite similar to Steam Otak-Otak , but creamier as lots of santan is used.

Loc-Lac,is another Cambodian favourite. Fried beef/pork with pepper top with a fried egg.

Somloo caco , a dish made out of fish/mix vege/ santan . Taste like Thai Green Curry.

Morning Glory a.k.a water spinach or the humble Kangkong takes centre stage in Cambodian Vegetable dish. Its widely eaten and most common green you can find.

Enjoying our yummy dinner at Khmer Family Restaurant at Pub Street. Highly recommended.

Road side Hawker stalls / street foods

Food stalls are abundants , serving local favourites like fried instant noodles, fried rice, Lok Lak and simple vegetables. Servings starts at USD1/dish ( tourist price ). We visited this stalls along the Pub Street. According to our tour guide, this is what the locals normally eat.

The fried noodles is really tasty. Quite similar to our Maggi Goreng, but nicer. probably due to the fact that they use lard to cook and with the addition of Nam Pla ( fish sauce )

This's Mike's favourite. Fried beef with pepper. Believe would ask for more.

Cambodian Sandwich. Filled with cucumber, some so called bacons, which doesnt taste like one and a smack of chilli sauce. USD 0.50 each.

Craps that we didn't manage to stomach

From far it looks like the humble sambal belacan, upon inspection , to our surprise its a local delicacy made out of some sorts of ants commonly found on mango trees, known as kerangga in Malay. So next time if you ask for some chilli sauce t go with your ulam's , make sure that its not known as Prahoc !! It just looks like our local cincalok ( fermented shrimps sauce ), but at last our big head get better of us.....

Fried bugs and cockroaches anyone ?

Also some roadside stalls . Looks so inviting, but seing the flies..we better skip this !!!