Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hokkien Mee at Jalan Pudu, KL

This charcoal fired Hokkien mee stall has been around for many years and has been my favourite haunt after clubbing during our younger days. At that time its crew was 2 elderly staff , whom is preety actsy. You sit down and wait for your turn to order...he would come to you snd take your order. He would tell you that waiting time is an hour..if cant wait nevermind. Coz its one of the best, if not the best Hokkien Mee stall in the whole of KL.

The Hokkien mee here really stands out from the others. Thick fat yellow noodles are coated with the luscious and flavourful thick soya sauce , brimming with slices of pork, livers, prawns and vegetables and topped with fried pork lards.Its great on its own,but there is also a small bowl of sambal belachan for whom like to spice things up. And yes, the chef only cooks certain portions at a time, to prepare to wait. Because all cooking are cooked using charcoal and not gas, as it somehow or rather taste a lot better . A hokkien mee aficionados would tell you this !!!

Other good eats are their loh meen , Bak Gau ( slices of pork coated with tapioca flour and vegetables soup) and their Dried fried Kuey Tiao. It takes lot of skill to fry this Kuey Tiao correct.Not too oily and not too dry.

But one word.....prepare to wait !!!

Directions : Its located few doorstep away from Fei Por Kai restaurant along Jalan Pudu. Its just opposite the famous Pudu Curry Fish Head / Farmland steamboat restaurant.

If turning in from Pydu Jail/Times square junction. Go further up and make a U-turn at the first traffic light. Its hard to turn here, so turn in at the Caltex instead. Then you would see MIDOR interior on your right. The stall is just beside here.

GPS : Lat 3.81614 N Long 101.42354o E

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