Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tan Kee Popiah and Lin Chee Kang

Popiah ( spring roll ) is a favourite among many for its cheap , healthy and its filling. Be it for lunch , dinner or supper , no foodcourt is without one. But a good one is hard to come by. I remember in my childhood years there is a particular famous stall in Alisan Cafe nearby Chow KIt which serves great popiah back then..and no one came close until my chance encountered with this stall In Taman Eng Ann .

At RM1.30/pc its really value intodays world. Filled with the usual ingredients like scrambled egg or tofu , braised julienned turnip ( sengkuang ) , fried onion, lettuce, taugeh . What sets it apart from the usual popiah, is with the addition of chinese pork sausage ( lap cheong ) fried pork fats ( Chu Yau Char ) and wrapped in the homemade Poh Piah skin.

To counter the heaty day , they also serve a nice cooling Lin Chee Kang, a chinese dessert filled with gingko nuts, barley, quails egg and a some other items in a sweet based broth.

One word of advice , best eaten right away or else it would turn soggy from the juiciness of the turnip. If left for too long or tapau, it would lose its character of a typical good popiah.

Location : Taman Eng Ann hawker Center, Klang

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