Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vege Fish Farm Thai Restaurant , Hulu Langat

Getting here can be a little tricky. Once you found the entrance , the road can be quite a nightmare for first timers as you could easily worry about getting lost in some jungle or wat.... located deep inside the 'forest' is this popular Thai restaurant casually names Vege Fish Farm Thai Restaurant .

Location is remote and dodgy. Another set back is that you need to pay a RM2 toll for passing thru private property !! More expensive than LDP toll and all you get is uneven dirt road. Hope the restaurant owner can do something on this....

Nice tranquil location. Attap set-up with tables facing the pond. Another dish worth mentioning is the Steam Tilapia in Thai Lime sauce. Spicy and tangy ... its really makes you ask for more ! The red Tom Yam though is nothing really much to shout about. For those really like spicy tomyam , remember to ask for extra spicy in order not to be disappointed.

Siham siham !!! See the size !! RM18/plate lor..a little bit expensive

The salt crusted BBQ fish is common fare in Thailand. In this case they use tilapia . The fat from the fish helps keep the fish moist but the stuffings of lemongrass and some Thai herbs didnt stand out. At RM45 its preety expensive !!! We can ahve 3 similar size for the same price in Serdang IKAN BAKAR GARAM !!

The process.....

A perfect ending to a spicy Thai meal. Mango with sticky rice.

Restaurant Thai Fish Farm
Km 4, Jalan Ampang Hulu Langat,
68000 Ampang, Selangor

GPS: 3.130077, 101.803586
Tel: 017-251 5235, 019-2
60 6493

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bamboo Corner - Highly Recommended

Being broke in overseas isnt really a pleasant thing to experience. And to find a dining place like Bamboo Corner in Bali is really welcoming !! Good food at affordable price is really the next best thing to sex in Bali ! Swarm with Aussie surfers looking for cheap booze and carbo's , would speak for itself about this restaurant.

Tuna steak at RP14,000!

Ayam Goreng Kalasan for RP14,000 only !

And my pecal lele ( Fried cat fish with rice at RP10,000 !!

Read here for Trip Advisors review .

Poppies Lane I, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Monday, November 29, 2010

Makan Makan @ BALI / Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay seafood - always ask first !!

Fancy a beautiful sunset over BBQ bounty from the sea ?? The Jimbaran bay is famed for its endless row of BBQ seafood restaurants . But beware !! Cut throat prices !! Always ask first before ordering , and always talk the price first !!

We were qouted IDR650,000 at Matahari Cafe !!! Then we decided to leave after having a beer , and called for the bill , no body come . Finally the captain came and ask us are we sure we doesnt want to eat there. We told them , yes we doesnt want because the price is too high !!! And immedietly the price came crashing down to IDR250,000 !!! So remember ASK FIRST !!!

Cool Bintang Beer with a sunset view to match...lovely..

The standard bumbu Bali style BBQ Seafood set which we manage to talk down to IDR250,000.


Another common street food found in Bali is Bakso , bowl of 'meatballs' are mixed with handful of noodles doused in chilli sauce n sweet soya sauce and topped up in soup.

The humble Bakso Ayam with egg cost a modest IDR8,000 .

Naughthy Nuri's Warung , Ubud

Theres a tiny hole-in0the-wall in Ubud, names after a NYorker's wife Nuri. Its situated on the outskirt of town and has a very loyal expat following. Reputatedly to be serving the best Martini's in the whole of Bali, where Anthony Bourdain would attest to. The best ribs in the world ??? I would not agree to... IMHO its a bit over rated and over priced. Anyway oink-oink over BBQ pit couldnt goes wrong right ???

Aussie Steak @ IDR135,000 ( RM48) , rather pricey and not recommended.

Yummy BBQ Pork Ribs from Nuri's cafe in Ubud. IDR70,000 for this slab ( RM 25 ).

She must be the most pictured lady chef women in Bali ??

Naughty Nuri’s Warung
Tromol Pos No 219,
On the road leading to the North of Ubud.
Opens from 9am-10pm.

Eat-Pray-Love, its Balif or those who didnt watch the movie yet ! Nice place , but expensive food !!

Below is some of the 'Balinese' food which we ate in Bali..not actual Balinese in most of the cases....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Klang SENG HUAT Bah Kut Teh

Seng Huat or more popularly being referred to " under the bridge shop " is one of the more famous and popular bah kut teh eateries in Klang, The Mecca of Bah Kut Teh. There is reportedly about 500 BKT shops in Klang alone , and to be able to survive for 70 years in business you really need to be something !

Located in the older part of Klang Town nearby " Little India " , this old eatery is famous for its BKT which draws crowds from all over Malaysia for its soupy concoction and it used to runs out by 8am and BKT lovers are knows to come early for their fix. But good news for BKT lovers now they are open till noon as well as dinner too. They used to make only 3 pots a day in the past and would closes for the day when it runs out.

Tender pork thigh . Flavourful cuts which has been simmered few hours.

A favourite with celebrity HK Chef Hugo Leung, 梁文韬. Price starts at RM 6.50 / 8.50 serving.

The soup is flavourful and rich with herbs . Klang's version is much difference from KL's version which is less strong and soupier with hints of DONG KWAI . And for BKT aficionado , it should be served in individual bowls of cuts of your choice and not in claypot with the extras bits of mushroom and vege's which spoils the taste !!!

Innards !!! A must in BKT !!

Address : 9 , Jalan Besar , Klang . ( Same road as Klang KTM station )
GPS : N3 02.612 E 101 26.895

Opens from 730 am to 1.00 pm 5.30 pm till 8.3o pm , except 1st and 15th of Lunar Calender.
Tel : 03-33712652 , 012-3098303 , 012-3855154

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nasi Lemak , Jalan Ipoh HSBC

Yes..I am a sucker for nasi lemak !!! And has been suffering during the last Ramadhac coz most of the stall are closed !!! Was surfing for good food when came across an article by FoodPoi recommending this nasi lemak and rated it as one of the best in KL , I ought to give it a try. There I was , on a fine Saturday morning drove to HSBC and get myself a pack and try...

Started off as a staple diet for the lower income , nasi lemak doesn’t need to be fancy and just need to have the basic condiments like hard boil egg, deep fried Ikan bilis (anchovies) , cucumber slices and sambal. Thats just the basic..but as our economy grows its more like nasi campur nowadays with countless adds on to make it a meal by itself.

Mine came with the highly recommended sambal sotong which I would say is normal , but the rendang is worth a try. WIth my high expectaion after reading Foodpoi's blog , I was kinda dissapointed as the rice was kinda soggy and the sambal rather tame in spiciness !! WOuld be better is the sambal is spicier !!! Overall for RM4 , it scores 7/10 and probably 8/10 if its spicier.

The stall starts at 7am and sold out before 9am. Off On Sunday.

Place: Nasi Lemak in Front of Jalan Ipoh HSBC Bank
Location: in Front of Jalan Ipoh HSBC Bank
GPS Coordinate: N3 10.777 E101 41.028
Location Map:
Address: Look for Jalan Ipoh HSBC
Contact No:
Business Hour: 7.00am till 9.00am
Off Day: Sunday

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fish King @ Sri Petaling

One of the many restaurant in Sri Petaling. But what so special about it ???? Well for a start it boast to have a chef who claims he is the runner-up in some world cooking competition with his creation of his special Lamb chop ...but seriously its unheard of !!! And no insignia or pictures to back up his claim.....But it taste kinda good never the less with some of his dishes on offer which is different from what you would get outside.

The dish I enjoyed the most. Goes well with steam white rice. Braised baby duck with preserved radish ( mooy Choy )

Deep fried stuffed Pigs Intestine. Crispy minus the smell and taste usually associated with tai cheung.

The much bragged about lamb chop. A chinese western fusion style. Tender with hints of pepper and sweet plum sauce . Not too bad..but aint world class winner.

Location : Sorry no address available. A point of interest is opposite Thong Kee confectionary in Sri Petaling.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hotpot Garden Restaurant , Taman Mastika , Cheras

Being one of the few steamboat restaurant around this area, this new restaurant which opened 2 months ago do enjoy good business and is usually packed during the weekends , making the more famous franchised Ho-Ho Steamboat , which is just down the road looks deserted.
According to one of the owner, this is the 2nd branch of the same name, which started in Cheras's very own Steamboat Town , Taman Yulik.

With KL, located just an hour away from the coast , fresh seafood from Pulau Ketam is the way to go . The seafood set is the choice to go and the owner is proud with his seafood offerings which comes in fresh everyday !

Priced at RM75 , this seafood set is good enough to feed 6 adults ! Its laden with fresh sea prawns , mussels , scallops, garoupa slices , squid , bamboo clams , and the usual condiments .

As usual a choice of clear chicken stock and Tomyam sour base are offered. With me personally prefer the flavourful chickens stock to bring out the freshness of the seafood.

The deep fried chicken wings is really addictive !!!

and also the fried century egg suikow !

Thai style roast seafood also on offer........

Hotpot Garden Restaurant
18, Jalan Mawar 17 , Taman Mastika , Cheras , 56100 , KL
Tel : 019-320 9110

GPS : X 101" 45 " 22.9 " , Y 3' 6 ' 49.1'

Find them on FACEBOOK here....