Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coffee Ritual @ Seksyen 14, Pj

Coffee Ritual is a refreshing change from the countless international boutique coffee chains that mushroomed across Klang Valley. This family owned coffee mecca started 5 years ago in Phileo Damansara and relocated to the current location just 8 months ago.

Whats interesting here is the use of siphon coffee maker . Consisting of 2 chambers , upper and lower , basic science are applied. Vapour pressure pushes the boiling water into the upper chamber which hold the ground coffee.

As the water moves from the lower chamber, the temperature drops to about 97-98c , which is just about the perfect temperature for brewing coffee. Its brewed for 50 seconds before the gravity pulls it back into the lower chamber. Its just like how rain is created ......

......time to enjoy my favourite cuppa, Sumatra Mandhelling

At Coffee Ritual , the specialities are their single origins gourmet coffees - Columbian special ( most popular ) , Brazil Fancy Santos, Sumatra Mandhellingand Java Arabica Jampit. This are all vacumm brewed. If this doesnt fancy you , they also do offer other choices like latte, cappucinno etc to suit your buds. Another worth mentioning is their extensive choice of menu's which is valued for money. A trully welcome nowadays with meals and coffee combo starting from RM10.50 ! For the same amount I cant even get an ice-blended in one of those chains.

Beef pie...freshly made.
Crepes !!!!!!

No 35, Jalan 14/20 , Seksyen 14, PJ
Tel : 03-79561080


  1. Happy Raya and enjoy the break....

  2. horrible experience there...

    - rib eye beef was the toughest i've eaten. i gave up after 2 bites. i called the boss to try and cut it himself. even he admitted it was tough.

    - i took one spoon of a chocolate cake when my daughter stopped me... bug in the cake!! cake was part of a set meal. when the bill came, they charged us for the full set meal, saying that the cake was a free addition to the set meal (??!!) and so there will be no reduction in the price.

    - unfortunately this all happened on my birthday. my wife and daughter wanted to treat me to a nice meal... thats the last time i will step into their premises.