Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kari Kepala Ikan Kapar,Klang

This outlet has been around for years and its been exceptionally popular with lunch crowd around Meru/Kapar , especially for curry fish head lovers. The place is very well planned with a waterfall situated in its main entrance giving its visitors a feeling of calmness and the much needed cooling effect to counter its awaiting fiery curry experience. The stall is operated by an Indian family. There may not be air conditioning, but there are plenty of trees surrounding the area, making it quite cool.

Me and my partner, ordered a fish head curry for the two persons and fried baby shark. Papadum and accompanying vegetable dish comes standard with the banana leaf rice fare.

After taking in the tantalising aromas from the cooking for15 minutes, we were finally served with all the dishes. The fish head was the size of a tiger’s paw, and it tasted very good. The curry flavour was strong and yet not overly spicy with hints of sourness either from the tomatoes or assam used. The fish was fresh and was garnished with ladies’ fingers. This place also serves other dishes like fried deer meat ( Chinese style, yummy ) , prawn sambal, roast lamb shoulder, stuffed crabs shell etc.....

As for the price, this place doesn’t comes cheap , but it is certainly one of the best in terms of gastronomical satisfaction. The lunch costs us about RM20 per person but it was well worth it. This place opens for lunch at noon. I suggest you get there early as the crowd starts to come in after 1230pm . Oh yes, their Meru pineapple is also to die for.....

How do i get there ??? Drive along Jalan Kapar heading towards Kapar town. If you are coming in from town side, drive past Bata factory ( if you see it on the left side you are on the right track ). Drive further up till u pass a Projet station on your right. From Projet drive up for another few kilometres and look out for a furniture shop with a big globe outside. The well kept secret is just nest to the furniture shop. Its facing a TNB field.

Damage : Other than putting another extra pounds and possibility of getting Curry Withdrawal Syndrome ( the curry is very addicitive ) , you have been warned !!. Prepare to pay about RM20/person for a decent meal, for a fish head , a drink and a side dish as well.

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