Thursday, September 24, 2009

OPS : SS14 Wong Shoon Kee

Wong Shoon Kee ...hidden jewel of SS14 Armed with this article I set off to Subang

Armed with a NST article on Subang Jaya god food...I set off to SS14 Wong Shoon Kee with my fren, who is also a food lover....Ordered what was recommended by the article..and well it was worth my effort driving down to SS14 Subang Jaya, braving da jam n parking woes...

The soup looks inviting huh ???? Armed with the info from NST, I proceeded to order the Beef Nodle ' Ngau Lam Meen "...believe me at RM3.50 a bowl..its a great deal. With tender slices of beef tendon and beef swimming in a rich beef broth with salted chinese mustard ' Kiam Chye'..its heaven. Beef noodle lover should give this a try. Even my partner for the day gladly agrees with it.

Next came the broad wanton noodle as recommended my Sam of NST( now SAMO with STAR ) , I would have to agree with him..that the char siew really perks up da noodle. Ordered the broad noodle ( chow meen ) ,but I found the taste rather normal...but the char siew was good. IMHO I still prefer the wantan noodle sold my an old man along Tengkat Tong Shin ( behind Jalan Alor )..

As soon as I entered the coffee shop, I noticed that many patrons are eating the fried chicken. So as it seems to be a safe bet with so many people ordering . Well it was really tasty at RM4/pop its kinda expensive..but the ordinary looking fried chicken thigh really taste well...Oh ya..this is from the mix rice stall...

But I was kinda piss off with the service attitude of the staff here.....especially with one uncle who helps to collect back the bowl for the beef noodle. As i dunno him..i thought he orders drink I ordered from him..he just stare back and me without a word and walks away...what a bad attitude...Also the waiters are slow in responding to your drink request...

Nevertheless this place is worth the visit...for who dont know..This as located in Subang SS14..along the NPE ..same row as Caltex station. Its beside the pedestrian bridge across NPE from SS15 opposite CIMB bank.

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