Thursday, September 24, 2009

Melaka Makan Trip- November 2008

The first sign saying that we've arrived in the historical town of Melaka...

Started our day at this humble looking shack in Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka which serves great congee and fried shrimp wantan.

Located in Jalan Hang Lekir , Nancy's Kitchen has been a great restaurant which serves authenthic Nyonya inspired dishes.

Where fresh popiah and pai-tees are made fresh upon order

Also great Cendol and the rich Laksa Lemak.

And also tasty Nyonya Chang ( rice dumplings )

The ever popular Jonker Street. Its a saying , You havent been to Melaka if you havent been to Jonker Street

And also the Hokkien ancestors clan !!! Yeah I am a hokkien by the way.........

The charming Hotel Puri, where you are transported back to the olden days.

They even have a swallow hall, where they built their nest here.

Our day continued with dinner at Loi's Famous Beef Bah Kut Teh in Bukit Baru. Its the one and only Beef Bah Kut Teh stall here in Malaysia I suppose . Several reviews has made on this delicious soup. Click here for more reviews.

Chef Loi's in his kitchen , which is located in the yard of his home !

Its first cooked to boiling hot over slow fire before thinly sliced raw beef is added on top of the soup and served along side some raw cabbage and some 'nam yee' sauce over it. Beneath it you'ff find heaps of tender meats, beef balls, internal organs in a peppery herbal soup.

Whats better way to end the day with some satay celup as supper before we left for KL ?? We wanted to try Capitol but the crowd really put as away, as its more famous as a tourist restaurant..nevertheless we were shown to this local haunt Ban Nen Hiong in Jalan Ong Kim Wee , by a Melaka's born friend, which also serves a decent Satay celup ! Thanks Ed !!!

Another review of this place by popular blogger Jason can be fond here.

Satay celup is not what the name suggest. Its no where near Satay, except the sauce being a peanut based sauce which looks like satay sauce. Its basically lok-lok where you dip sticks of seafood , meat and vegetables skewers, like prawns, cockles , meat balls , fried bean curd into boling peanut sauce to cook.

Sadly this unique dish never makes it our of Melaka, as there has been few satay celup's shop in KL, but sadly none of them survives .

By the way..I blogged bout Melaka and promoted Melaka in a way to the world thru www... You think would I get a datukship from the Melaka Government argh ????

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