Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tong Yuen, Port Klang , Klang

Traditionally, glutinous rice balls were made and eaten during Lantern festival (Yuan Xiao,元宵) or the st and 15th day everymonth of the lunar calender. However, these days you are able to get it at certain hawker stalls as they are selling it as a dessert or tong shui. However its not an easy task to find in KL nowadays.

The normal glutinous rice balls are plain rice balls made from flour and water. However there are also the larger ones where red bean paste, ground black sesame seed paste or chopped peanuts and sugars are filled in the rice balls.

This particular stall at Port Klang reputately serves the best around. Despite its humble appearance of a small stall, it really enjoys brisk business. BY the time we were there , we are only left a few choices. Our mission to try their famous large size tong yuen with fillinh were met with ' Boh Liau " which means no more in hokkien. We were only left with the usual one in ginger syrup and some awesome dry style tong yuen machi style dessert served with grated cocunuts or chopped peanuts. No prize for guessing correctly, that we ordered both !

It's only open in the evenings, and is almost always crowded with customers, despite the location of the stall. If you don't mind sitting by the roadside, with lorries zooming past (this is Port Klang, after all), this is a must-try.

Location : Jalan Beringin, off Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Port Klang, Selangor (opposite the Econ Jaya supermarket)

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