Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ban Lee Bah Kut Teh , Jalan Ipoh, KL

Much been written about this long standing Bah Kut Teh. Better known as Kam Seng BKT , as it is located next to the site of the old Kam Seng Cinema.Been patronising this restaurant for as long as I can remember ....not even stopping me and my BKT buddy during the JE crisis !!! I still remember a Swedish gentlleman who was attached with my dad former company, makes it a point to stop eat here whenever he is in KL.

This is one of the few places in left in KL/Klang that still heats up their BKT in claypot over charcoal fire. This old school way of serving really helps to retain the heat in the earth claypot, unlike some other BKT operators who took the shortway of heating it over gas fire.

As a traditionalist in BKT, I would order the foochoks and veges seperately . As it spoils the taste of the soup if added into the claypot and boil. Well, its just my personal taste which most of the true BKT lovers would agree to. Be there early for the best cut of pork. I normally goes for their ' SAI CHI KUT"..literally as small bone in chinese. The tenderness of the falling meat is really to die for. Not forgeting the ' CHU WAN " ( knuckles ) , this is only for the dare to die and who isnt afraid of a block artery , as its full of fat. Not forgeting the stomach and intestines ! The soup is flavourful with strong herbs similar to the ones you find in Klang, but less jelak. One spoonfull would leave you asking for more !!!

Dont forget to ask for their oily rice , and mix garlic with cili padi with dark soya sauce !! You're instantly being transported to BKT heaven !

This particluar shop also operates at night, but by a different cook who is some how related to him . Have tried it too,but still thinks that the morning session operator still serves the best BKT in this area.

Location : Jalan Ipoh, just next to Dynasty Hotel.

This place also serves Sang Kwat Pou , where fresh ribs are cooked over charcoal fire for a yummyfresh BKT. Call early or prepare to wait for 45 minutes.

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