Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ikan Bakar Garam Seri Kembangan

A visit here would change your mind about the humble Tilapia fish or better known as Fei Chau Yu ( literally mean African fish in Cantonese ) . As normally Tilapia fish has a rather muddy taste , much rumoured about their diet, it's usually cooked steamed in bean sauce or as Tomyam steam to mask off its taste. No one in its clear mind would grill or steam this fish, until you visit here....................

Meet Seri Kembangan's much raved and talked about Salt roasted fish, with fancy suggestive names like 雪山飞狐 ( Snow mountain flying fox ) . Its surprisingly addictive , minus the muddy smell its normally associated with. The secret is that the fish is usually reared in a seperate tank with running water and starved for a few days in order for the fish to 'cleanse ' itself internally .

Doesn' t looks inviting right ????? The salt is rubbed on the outer side and grilled over charcoal fire. The skin is later cut open to reveal a fresh n yummy flesh inside. The skin is not meant to be eaten !!!!!

Each fish is rubbed with salt and grilled over hot charcoal for 20 minutes

Warning : This sauce is seriously addicitve. Bits of mashed chilli padi in a sweet soya sauce. Just like the the one you get from the fruits stalls. Just better. The fish isnt that tasty without this.

Fried Tilapia with salt. Great with the chilli dip !!

'Steam with chicken essense " . Its wrapped over aluminium foil and put over the charcoal fire and the heat steams it . Very tasty sauce and goes well with rice .

Expects to wait a minimum of 20 minutes for the grilled fish. We place an order by phone before coming :)- Expects to pay RM15-20/fish depending on the size. for our family of 8, we paid RM135 for 6 fish (!!) , 1 vegetable and 1 egg dish plus rice and tea.

So good its even reviewed in 8 Tv's food guide Ho Chiak ! Click here to view .

Ikan Bakar Garam
249-B , Jalan 2 , Kawasan 6 , Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Tel : 016-2888089 , 016 - 2340847

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