Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daidomon - Japanese Yakiniku

I've been craving for authentic Japanese yakiniku , just like the way I have it in Japan. Been searching around but none came close and all I get is just some ciplak cheap imitations or some real good ones around which bombs a big hole in my wallet. And Daidomon was like a god sent saviour for my yakiniku cravings without burning a hole .

Since its opening in late 2008 in Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. I've made few visits to satisfy my cravings and always looking foward for the next. The quality meats on offer always to be the winning side , in my quest for a healthier living and thinking of my diet mission.Always saying to myself ... " EAT FIRST DIET LATER " But arent Japanese cuisine are always a healthier alternative ???????? Grill meat minus the oils ??? Yes its healthy !!!

You can order fresh sashimi from the menu too when you order their Yakiniku buffet. Just simply loves the thick cuts of salmons, maguro and butterfish. Also available are Tai's and tako .

Freshly made nigiri sushi's are also on the offer for those who cant make it without rice. Also varieties of side dishes on offer too. I normally skip this ones to save my tummy space for these......

Huge fresh scallops and sea prawns.

..... and oysters which you simmer in butter.

Gyutan ( toungue ). This plate easily cost RM20 in other Japanese restaurants.I get to do it bottomless here.

Honetsuki Karubi, belly tender with ribs .

and Kobe too.....NO it isnt part of the buffet ! Its a side order !!!

Each table is fitted with a charcoaled fired pit. Its frequently changed to ensure hygenines. It uses a special type pr charcoal which maintains its heat even after long hour of burning and it wont breakdown to ashes. An powerful exhaust fan is also inside the pit table to ensure that the smoke and smell are well taken care of and wont leave you greasy like conventional BBQ does.

Sakes are available too

For RM68++ per pax , the yakiniku buffet on offer is really a steal . For the amount you get really good cuts of meat , plus bottomless sashimi's , soups , tempura's, sushi's and many other choices, making it a complete Japanese cuisine experience by itself. It also serves shabu-shabu , but it is understood that the choices isn't as much as the yakiniku's offer. They also serve wagyu beef here , but hehe its a side order and not included in the buffet menu.

And yes..its ditanggung halal too .

Contact :-

Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
303 , Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-4252 8155

GRPS : 3.09'37.30" N 101.44'12.91" E

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  1. Too bad the butter oyster and big scallop only entitled 1 per table. If they serve unlimited, I will clear their tanks. lol .... make it well worth for my money paid. :P

  2. as far as i know, the butter oyster and big scallop are unlimited too, last month they was promotion 39++/49++, now no promotion already?

  3. email2me : The last time I had there no such problem wor..had few servings somemore leh...

    Vivien : Promo again ??? I missed that !!!