Monday, November 29, 2010

Makan Makan @ BALI / Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran Bay seafood - always ask first !!

Fancy a beautiful sunset over BBQ bounty from the sea ?? The Jimbaran bay is famed for its endless row of BBQ seafood restaurants . But beware !! Cut throat prices !! Always ask first before ordering , and always talk the price first !!

We were qouted IDR650,000 at Matahari Cafe !!! Then we decided to leave after having a beer , and called for the bill , no body come . Finally the captain came and ask us are we sure we doesnt want to eat there. We told them , yes we doesnt want because the price is too high !!! And immedietly the price came crashing down to IDR250,000 !!! So remember ASK FIRST !!!

Cool Bintang Beer with a sunset view to match...lovely..

The standard bumbu Bali style BBQ Seafood set which we manage to talk down to IDR250,000.


Another common street food found in Bali is Bakso , bowl of 'meatballs' are mixed with handful of noodles doused in chilli sauce n sweet soya sauce and topped up in soup.

The humble Bakso Ayam with egg cost a modest IDR8,000 .

Naughthy Nuri's Warung , Ubud

Theres a tiny hole-in0the-wall in Ubud, names after a NYorker's wife Nuri. Its situated on the outskirt of town and has a very loyal expat following. Reputatedly to be serving the best Martini's in the whole of Bali, where Anthony Bourdain would attest to. The best ribs in the world ??? I would not agree to... IMHO its a bit over rated and over priced. Anyway oink-oink over BBQ pit couldnt goes wrong right ???

Aussie Steak @ IDR135,000 ( RM48) , rather pricey and not recommended.

Yummy BBQ Pork Ribs from Nuri's cafe in Ubud. IDR70,000 for this slab ( RM 25 ).

She must be the most pictured lady chef women in Bali ??

Naughty Nuri’s Warung
Tromol Pos No 219,
On the road leading to the North of Ubud.
Opens from 9am-10pm.

Eat-Pray-Love, its Balif or those who didnt watch the movie yet ! Nice place , but expensive food !!

Below is some of the 'Balinese' food which we ate in Bali..not actual Balinese in most of the cases....

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