Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fish King @ Sri Petaling

One of the many restaurant in Sri Petaling. But what so special about it ???? Well for a start it boast to have a chef who claims he is the runner-up in some world cooking competition with his creation of his special Lamb chop ...but seriously its unheard of !!! And no insignia or pictures to back up his claim.....But it taste kinda good never the less with some of his dishes on offer which is different from what you would get outside.

The dish I enjoyed the most. Goes well with steam white rice. Braised baby duck with preserved radish ( mooy Choy )

Deep fried stuffed Pigs Intestine. Crispy minus the smell and taste usually associated with tai cheung.

The much bragged about lamb chop. A chinese western fusion style. Tender with hints of pepper and sweet plum sauce . Not too bad..but aint world class winner.

Location : Sorry no address available. A point of interest is opposite Thong Kee confectionary in Sri Petaling.

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