Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nasi Lemak , Jalan Ipoh HSBC

Yes..I am a sucker for nasi lemak !!! And has been suffering during the last Ramadhac coz most of the stall are closed !!! Was surfing for good food when came across an article by FoodPoi recommending this nasi lemak and rated it as one of the best in KL , I ought to give it a try. There I was , on a fine Saturday morning drove to HSBC and get myself a pack and try...

Started off as a staple diet for the lower income , nasi lemak doesn’t need to be fancy and just need to have the basic condiments like hard boil egg, deep fried Ikan bilis (anchovies) , cucumber slices and sambal. Thats just the basic..but as our economy grows its more like nasi campur nowadays with countless adds on to make it a meal by itself.

Mine came with the highly recommended sambal sotong which I would say is normal , but the rendang is worth a try. WIth my high expectaion after reading Foodpoi's blog , I was kinda dissapointed as the rice was kinda soggy and the sambal rather tame in spiciness !! WOuld be better is the sambal is spicier !!! Overall for RM4 , it scores 7/10 and probably 8/10 if its spicier.

The stall starts at 7am and sold out before 9am. Off On Sunday.

Place: Nasi Lemak in Front of Jalan Ipoh HSBC Bank
Location: in Front of Jalan Ipoh HSBC Bank
GPS Coordinate: N3 10.777 E101 41.028
Location Map:
Address: Look for Jalan Ipoh HSBC
Contact No:
Business Hour: 7.00am till 9.00am
Off Day: Sunday

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