Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hotpot Garden Restaurant , Taman Mastika , Cheras

Being one of the few steamboat restaurant around this area, this new restaurant which opened 2 months ago do enjoy good business and is usually packed during the weekends , making the more famous franchised Ho-Ho Steamboat , which is just down the road looks deserted.
According to one of the owner, this is the 2nd branch of the same name, which started in Cheras's very own Steamboat Town , Taman Yulik.

With KL, located just an hour away from the coast , fresh seafood from Pulau Ketam is the way to go . The seafood set is the choice to go and the owner is proud with his seafood offerings which comes in fresh everyday !

Priced at RM75 , this seafood set is good enough to feed 6 adults ! Its laden with fresh sea prawns , mussels , scallops, garoupa slices , squid , bamboo clams , and the usual condiments .

As usual a choice of clear chicken stock and Tomyam sour base are offered. With me personally prefer the flavourful chickens stock to bring out the freshness of the seafood.

The deep fried chicken wings is really addictive !!!

and also the fried century egg suikow !

Thai style roast seafood also on offer........

Hotpot Garden Restaurant
18, Jalan Mawar 17 , Taman Mastika , Cheras , 56100 , KL
Tel : 019-320 9110

GPS : X 101" 45 " 22.9 " , Y 3' 6 ' 49.1'

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