Monday, January 11, 2010

Silkroad @ Pavillion KL

This s one of the few international acclaimed restaurants featured in the exclusive Dining on ^th at Pavillion, and we do expect good food from this, but we were wrong. We planned to celebrate mothers day at Li Jin next door, but unfortunately a wedding banquet was going on so we settled for Silkroad which is just located nextdoor.

Firstly the interior was interesting..kudos to the ID !!

8 treasure tea , as normally served in Silkroad journey. Consist of tea, red dates, wolfberries, dried longan , almond , walnut and dried raising. Tasted sweet at first and the taste changes each time. RM5/cup. I'll stick back to normalpu-ergh tea..............

As per the captain's Mr SIVA, recommendation we went for their house specialities. BTW I've been wondering why a Sichuan reataurant captain isnt a Chinese ?????? Sorry I'm no trying to be a racist , but just wondering. He's a friednly chap though.

Sichuan Sour and spicy soup. Taste rather bland and isnt exciting enough. Dragon I's win hands down. A real let down at RM12/bowl.

Fried prawns with wasabi and sweet potato ( RM 43). BTW whats wasabi doing in Sichuan cooking ?? Anyway its nice as the prawns is fresh and succulent.

Deep fried chicken with dried red chillies. Typical sichuan dish. RM 27.

A letdown..Mapoh tofu. Maybe it isnt to my liking

Customary green. Stir fried french beans ( RM20 )

Their award winning dish from Singapore Silkroad. Deep fried cod with Sichuan sauce ( RM 48.80). This resembles more of sweet and sour sauce...nice though but nothing Sichuan in it.
The freshness of the fish saves the day.

There has been numerous writeups on how great this restaurant is , but IMHO its not worth another return visit due to its high price and so so only food. Maybe I'm not an expert in Sichuan cuisine to pass a comment but couldnt the whole family of us agree that it isnt worth another visit.

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