Monday, January 11, 2010

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan in Siam Reap, Cambodia

Instant noodles are served in a clear radish and carrot based stock with fresh beef and beef balls. simply delicious. Its the best instant noodle I've had .

Khmer cuisine is closely related to her neighbouring country Vietnam, Laos and Thailand , although not as spicy. Curries , stir fried , rice , noodles and soups are common. Food stalls are abundants , serving local favourites like fried instant noodles, fried rice, Lok Lak and simple vegetables. Servings starts at USD1/dish ( tourist price ). The main national staple is of course rice, but French colonial influence has dictated that the Cambodians eat more bread--generally French-style baguettes--than any other Southeast Asian country.

For typical traditional Khmer cuisines , could be found in restaurants. For the more adventurous , Phong Thea Khon ( the infamous balut, fertilized duck egg with embryo) are readily available at almost every street corner. Cost 900 Riels ( less than USD25 cents ).

French-style baguettes can be found everywhere

Yes I earned USD1. Roadside pau seller. Filled with minced pork and half an egg. Kinda expensive at USD0.50 each.

Phon Thea Kon
I cant believed I ate this !!!!! Phon Thea Kon , fertilized duck egg with embryo. At 18 days its the best time to eat this grouse stuff. At 23 days feathers starts to appear and at 29 days the head is formed. It just taste like steam chawan mushi . Serious its tasty . Eaten with a spicy garlic based chilli sauce with some lime juice and pepper. Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, Phon thea Kon, are mostly sold by street vendors at night in the regions where they are available. The duck inside is not old enough to show its beak, feathers or claws and the bones are undeveloped. In Cambodia, most people prefer to eat it while it is still warm in its shell. Served with nothing more than a little garnish, it is widely popular. Usually, it is accompanied by a mixture of lime juice and ground pepper.

Phew its hot !!! I guess that I just about to eat a whole duck !! and Donald Duck gonna be enemy from now on...another life wasted, and ended up in my tummy. Nop..we never get stomach upset the next day. Salute to the ladies , Angeline and Angela ,for being tough to eat this delicious local delicacy . Bet that if they are filming ' Fear Factor : Cambodia edition " this is gonna be one of it !

BBQ Sausage

Roast sausage by the roadside. God knows made out of what meat !! Pork ?? Beef ?? Who cares as long its nice and we survive eating it. Kinda sourish taste and goes with some julienne radish and carrots.

Cambodian 'Apam Balik'

Hey ! This kinda look familiar . Its Apam Balik. Its very different from our. This version has some grated coconut in it. The outer layer is cooked until crispy followed by a layer of coconut cream ( santan ) and finally some sweet grated coconut is added. Believe me...once you have one , you will reach for the second piece !!

Khmer dishes

I always make it a point to try local dishes where ever I go, and Cambodia is no exception.

Khmer Soup with chicken. A sour soup made out of Kaffir Lime, pineapple, onions and green tomatoes. Very appetizing indeed, and guarantee to light up your day.

Amok is Khmers favourite dish. Steamed fish/chicken or beef served with lemongrass, khmer spices and coconut cream wrapped in banana leaf served with steamed rice. It taste quite similar to Steam Otak-Otak , but creamier as lots of santan is used.

Loc-Lac,is another Cambodian favourite. Fried beef/pork with pepper top with a fried egg.

Somloo caco , a dish made out of fish/mix vege/ santan . Taste like Thai Green Curry.

Morning Glory a.k.a water spinach or the humble Kangkong takes centre stage in Cambodian Vegetable dish. Its widely eaten and most common green you can find.

Enjoying our yummy dinner at Khmer Family Restaurant at Pub Street. Highly recommended.

Road side Hawker stalls / street foods

Food stalls are abundants , serving local favourites like fried instant noodles, fried rice, Lok Lak and simple vegetables. Servings starts at USD1/dish ( tourist price ). We visited this stalls along the Pub Street. According to our tour guide, this is what the locals normally eat.

The fried noodles is really tasty. Quite similar to our Maggi Goreng, but nicer. probably due to the fact that they use lard to cook and with the addition of Nam Pla ( fish sauce )

This's Mike's favourite. Fried beef with pepper. Believe would ask for more.

Cambodian Sandwich. Filled with cucumber, some so called bacons, which doesnt taste like one and a smack of chilli sauce. USD 0.50 each.

Craps that we didn't manage to stomach

From far it looks like the humble sambal belacan, upon inspection , to our surprise its a local delicacy made out of some sorts of ants commonly found on mango trees, known as kerangga in Malay. So next time if you ask for some chilli sauce t go with your ulam's , make sure that its not known as Prahoc !! It just looks like our local cincalok ( fermented shrimps sauce ), but at last our big head get better of us.....

Fried bugs and cockroaches anyone ?

Also some roadside stalls . Looks so inviting, but seing the flies..we better skip this !!!

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