Monday, January 11, 2010

Souled Out - Sri Hartamas

Its been quite some time since I stepped into this wonderful restaurant. Actually I've been visiting Souled Out since its early days back in 1996/7. talk bout food then. its the place to be seen in Mt Kiara. It was like our port then, mention about Happy Hour its Souled Out, mention about pasta its Souled out..mention about birthdays parties its Souled Out again. its like we have sold our soul to Souled Out back then. By the way , mentioning about celebrating your birthday at Souled would have a time of your life ..with the staff singing for you in groups and makes you the stars of the nights by making you stand on the chair when they sing..not for the shy and faint hearted though.

Food was fast and they really live up to their name by serving under 10 minutes !!! As we are sitting directly under the air-cond, the food really turns cold fast.

Tasty Spaghetti Carbonara (RM18) withs lots of beef bacon. Hmmmm Yummy.But due to the strong aircond it cools fast and makes it to soggy.

Cheese Nachos ( RM16) Really nice, so far one of the best I've tasted in KL after Hard Rock Cafe's nachos.Mushroom galore with Mushroom all The way ( RM 22 for 8" ) from their Pizza selection. Simply prepared with mushroom,tomato puree and cheese, for an uncomplicated taste. Porterhouse Steak ( RM 36 ). The steak comes thick, just the way I like it. Not too bad, but the beef is just too tough even though we requested Medium rare. Should have ordered Medium, as its too rare and the tough veins and fibres are tough to chew on , as its not broken down yet due to the cooking time.

Overall its a good experience making this trip back to Souled Out and we left with a happy feeling satisfied with the food and reasonably priced too.

Souled Restaurant
20, Jalan 30/70R, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2300 1955
Damage : Expects to pay rm30-40/pax including drinks.

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