Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hobahn , Waterfront @ Desa Park City

Korean food has always been one of the top in my food list . The varieties of banchan served really has been the main factor , coupled with the mouth watering Kimchi ! However at this Hobahn Korean Restaurant , the banchan doesnt comes free , which is a little dissapointment to me.

Each Banchan set comes with 9 different small dishes and is charged at RM10. Each refill is also charged at RM2/dish.

No Korean BBQ dinner would be complete without the BBQ ! As my fren would like to skip beef for the day , we ended up ordering Daeji Galbi , which is BBQ pork prime ribs . Its rather unusual that the ribs are done in the kitchen and served to us. I would prefer it to be done on my own as we can eat it off the pan , hot each time. But in the other hand we dont smell of BBQ meat after the dinner !!

Each piece of meat is then wrapped in lettuce greens and topped with garlic and spicy bean sauce

BBQ Sliced belly meat. Best eaten with the traditional sesame oil and salt mixture

Tteo Bokki , traditional fried rice roll with spicy sauce. A common street food in Korea and best eaten on a cold winter night !

Kimchi Jiggae - a fiery spicy Kimchi stew . This one is laden with 2 crabs , squid , octopus , clams and prawns . A word of warning , this dish is really spicy !!!!

Overall , this restaurant served lip smacking spicy Korean fare , but the only let down i can find is the slow service as well as no free flow of in house drink as well as complimentary Banchan .

Hobahn Korean Restaurant
GF-12, The Waterfront @ Parkcity,
5 Persiaran Residen,
Desa Parkcity,
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-62808713
Fax: +603-62808715

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