Friday, November 27, 2009

Fei Cai Nan Mei Sek,Macau

A popular dinner/supper joint in the city that never sleeps at a reasonable price. A small eatery located not far from The Venetian its popular with punters near and far alike. The water crab porridge is to die for !!

Salt & Pepper Kau Fish. Soft white flesh really works fine with the salty and slight spicy.

Claypot porkie spare-parts. Loads of intestines , livers and offals in a yummy sauce

The house speciality ,Water Crab Porridge. One whole crab is cooked in a dried scallop based congee. The natural sweetness of the crab in the already sweet tasting scallop porridge makes you asking for more !!

Yummy fried pork ribs marinated in Nam Yue

All this only cost us approx HKD130 for 2 pax !!! Thats RM65 only .

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