Friday, November 27, 2009

Ser Wong Fun , the house of snake

A winter delicacy , snake soup is one of the most sought after tummy warming delicacies in winter . It is believe to enchance the blood flow and boost vitality and immune. The more poisonous the snke , the more potent it is. Its also very popular during summer , as it is believe in promoting blood flow and cools ones down .

Made with 5 types of poisonous snake with abalone strips , the snake broth soup here is excellent. Rather strong taste at the beginning , the lemongrass sprinkled on top neutrlas down the smell and lends a refreshing taste to it. The snake floss taste rather like chicken but more tender , and the abalone strips so tiny that barelys makes its presence felt , the soup is remarkbly sweet and thick and resembles shark fin soup. Yeah in olden days in shark fins soup, snakes are added into the stock to make it sweeter and helps thickens the soup.

One bowl (HKD65) is never enough and leaves you crying out for more. No wonder Ser Wong Fun , is also dubbed as the original King of Snakes in Hong Kong.

30,Cochrane Street , Central , HOng Kong

To get there : Look out for the escalators at Mid-levels just outside 100, Queen Road Central. Its located just next to a Vietnamese Pho shop.

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