Saturday, October 24, 2009

Margaux, Dubai Mall

Take in the taste and the smells of the French Mediterranean while looking at the world largest fountain in Dubai Mall, Dubai UAE.

Margaux is perched on a balcony with a prime view of the magnificent Burj Dubai , the tallest building in the world., and there is an 800-bottle wine list. The chef, Julian Mercier, is trained under the Michelin studded Alain Ducasse.

The selection was pleasantly brief, yet every description was so beguiling that choosing what to order remained difficult. And for a brasserie run by a French chef, the options were startlingly Italian. It was a concept I wasn’t really familiar with. It was neither a tasting menu, nor a set menu; in both cases you know what you’re getting. Instead, it was like ordering in the dark.

Crispy bread with olive oil and cream cheese

Beautiful scenery of the fountain.

My main for the day was a perfectly grilled aged Tenderloin from their prime cut selection . Unlike here in Malaysia, the steak is served just like that, what it suppose to be. Without any accompanying sauce ,which in my opinion , is the best way to savour this . Accompanying home style fried fat chips are served as a side dish. Lightly seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper, the remarklby tender meat is well flavoured from the ageing process.

Margaux is a must try for anyone who happens to drop by in Dubai , soaking in the wonderful fountain show which starts every night at 8pm , with wonderful food to accompany.


    Location: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Burj Dubai, Dubai

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