Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tengkat Tongshin wantan mee

Getting to this wantan mee stall is like a cat and mouse game, . Sometimes they open and sometimes he choose to close, so better try your luck ! This uncle's wantan mee is reputated to be one of the best around in KL at night , and he wouldnt open till 10pm. Spotting him is easy, try to look for an old Volvo parked by the roadside opposite Alsson Genesis Hotel.

Do not expect a wonderful set-up , as its located by the five foot way and by the roadside opposite a construction site. Prepare to share tables with other similar hungry diners as tables and chairs are limited.

Yummylicious wantan mee . Topped with some minced pork and charsiew . The al-dante noodles are really delicious bath in the chef special sauce mix. Prepare to wait at least 30 minutes for your order !!!

Location : Directly opposite Allson Genesis Hotel in Tengkat Tong SHin. That the road behind Jalan Alor . Same road as Ngau Kee beef noodles, just further up about 200 metres on the left, by the corner.

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